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The October 28-30, 2016 Texas Mile


Full Event Results from the October 2016 Texas Mile


Highlights for the October 28-30, 2016 Texas Mile

  • Photo Credits: Automutt Productions
    WORLD RECORD FOR FASTEST SHELBY GT500 IN A STANDING MILE: #80 Congratulations to our Sponsors Air Tech of Houston and M2K Motorsports for breaking the Shelby GT500 World Record in a standing mile! The record was first broken by Bill Wagner Jr with a top speed of 239.3 MPH and later was broken again by guest driver Patrick O’Gorman in the same vehicle with a top speed of 247.9 MPH. A big congrats to you guys.
  • FASTEST CAMARO: #726 Snappy Racing and driver Chase Dooley take this title for fastest Camaro with a speed of 226.3 MPH. Congrats!
  • FASTEST COVETTE: #883 Rick Harden hits 238.6 MPH in his 1992 Red Corvette. Great Job!
  • FASTEST BIKE: #10 Congrats to Phillip Jamison in his 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 who hit a top speed of 218.7 MPH
  • FASTEST PORSCHE: #144 Steve Ott with DriverSource out of Houston, Texas won this title with a top speed of 201.2 MPH. Congrats DriverSource!
  • FASTEST CTS-V: #624 Brandon Barr with a speed of 216.5 MPH in his White 2010 Cadillac CTS-V. Great Job!
  • FASTEST LAMBORGHINI: #1087 Jack Cooper and Underground Racing have broken the Lamborghini Texas Mile record in Beeville. Jack set his top speed at a speed of 246.1 MPH. Now that’s moving! Congrats Jack.
  • FASTEST CHALLENGER: #392 Sam Uthman with team Shake n Bake hits a top speed at 211.8 MPH in a Dodge Challenger
  • FASTEST GT-R: #124 Curtis Adams and Off like a Prom Dress Racing top out at 207.6 MPH in a Blue 2016 Nissan GT-R. Congrats!
  • LONGEST HAUL: #3507 Bob Canestrini in his Suzuki GSX1100 F wins this award for his long haul all the way from Toole, Utah.. Glad you came out.

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